How does it work?

VIPGlobalFX Markets provides MT4 trading platforms and oversees all activity within the PAMM accounts ensuring transparency, security and record-keeping of all operations.

Investors choose successful Money Managers to utilize their competences and knowledge and allocate their money in desired proportion to the Money Managers of their choice.

Competent Money Managers oversee their PAMM trading account and gain profit by executing their trading strategies and receiving various fees from the lnvestors.

Become money manager Become an investor

How does it work?

Become a Money Manager, Investor, or both with VIPGlobalFX Percentage Allocation Management Module service.

The VIPGlobalFX PAMM solution brings together traders and investors under mutually beneficial terms. It enables experienced traders to become Money Managers and generate profit by attracting investors, at the same time traders can become Investors and gain profit without having an extensive knowledge in trading.

Become money manager Become an investor

The PAMM solution is a hassle-free method to
enhance your profit potential.

Advantages for Money Managers

  • Reach your full potential without any trading limitations
  • Utilize your knowledge to generate passive income
  • Attract an unlimited number of investors to your funds
  • Receive flexible performance fees & commissions

Advantages for Investors

  • Earn income without expertise in the financial markets
  • Choose from a range of experienced money managers
  • Gain flexibility through transparent trading terms
  • Acquire intuitive reports to track your investments
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